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Annual GAMM-Seminar Kiel
Mathematisches Seminar Bereich 2
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

The GAMM Committee Efficient numerical methods for partial differential equations in cooperation with the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel organizes the annual GAMM-Seminar Kiel. The corresponding proceedings have been published in the series Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics by Vieweg Verlag, Braunschweig, Germany

Year Seminar on ... Date
1984 GAMM-Workshop on
Efficient Solvers for Elliptic Systems
January 27-29
1986 Second GAMM-Seminar on
Efficient Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics
January 17-19
1987 Third GAMM-Seminar on
Panel Methods in Mechanics
January 16-18
1988 Fourth GAMM-Seminar on
Robust Multi-grid Methods
January 22-24
1989 Fifth GAMM-Seminar on
Numerical Treatment of the Navier-Stokes Equations
January 20-22
1990 Sixth GAMM-Seminar on
Parallel Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations
January 19-21
1991 Seventh GAMM-Seminar on
Numerical Techniques for Boundary Element Methods
January 19-21
1992 Eighth GAMM-Seminar on
Incomplete Decompositions (ILU)
January 24-26
1993 Ninth GAMM-Seminar on
Adaptive Methods
January 22-24
1994 Tenth GAMM-Seminar on
Fast Solvers for Flow Problems
January 14-16
1995 11th GAMM-Seminar on
Numerical Treatment of Coupled Systems
January 20-22
1996 12th GAMM-Seminar on
Boundary Elements: Implementation and Analysis of Advanced Algorithms
January 19-21
1997 13th GAMM-Seminar on
Numerical Treatment of Multi-Scale Problems
January 24-26
1998 14th GAMM-Seminar on
Concepts of Numerical Software
January 23-25
1999 15th GAMM-Seminar on
Numerical Techniques for Composite Materials
January 22-24

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