Berichtsreihe des Mathematischen Seminars

Berichte des Jahres 1999

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4, D-24098 Kiel


Bericht Autor(en), Titel Monat  
99-1 Uwe Rösler:
On the analysis of stochastic divide and conquer algorithms
99-2 Jean Ludwig, Detlef Müller:
Sub-Laplacians of holomorphic Lp-type on rank one AN-groups and related solvable groups
März veröffentlicht
99-3 Uwe Rösler:
The X ln X condition for the Weighted Branching Process
99-4 Detlef Bargmann:
Iteration of inner functions and boundaries of components of the Fatou set
99-5 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
A posteriori error control in low-order finite element discretisations of incompressible stationary flow problems
Juli veröffentlicht
99-6 Steffen Börm, Ralf Hiptmair:
Analysis of Tensor Product Multigrid
99-7 Sabine Le Borne:
Ordering techniques for two- and three-dimensional convection-dominated problems
99-8 Albrecht Irle:
A Tutorial on Young-Stieltjes Integration
99-9 Carsten Carstensen, Andreas Prohl:
Numerical Analysis of Relaxed Micromagnetics by Penalised Finite Elements
99-10 Detlef Bargmann, Walter Bergweiler:
Periodic points and normal families
September veröffentlicht
99-11 Carsten Carstensen, Sören Bartels:
Each Averaging Technique Yields Reliable A~Posteriori Error Control in FEM on Unstructured Grids Part I: Low Order Conforming, Nonconforming, and Mixed FEM
99-12 Carsten Carstensen, Georg Dolzmann:
An a priori error estimate for finite element discretizations in nonlinear elasticity for polyconvex materials under small loads
99-13 Georgi E. Karadzhov, Detlef Müller:
Local solvability for a class of second order complex coefficient differential operators on the Heisenberg group H2.
Oktober veröffentlicht
99-14 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Averaging Technique for FE-A Posteriori Error Control in Elasticity. Part I: Conforming FEM
99-15 Walter Bergweiler:
Covering properties of derivatives of meromorphic functions
November veröffentlicht
99-16 Walter Bergweiler:
The role of the Ahlfors five islands theorem in complex dynamics
November veröffentlicht
99-17 Andreas Prohl:
On Pressure Approximation via Projection Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
99-18 Stefan A. Funken, Andreas Prohl:
On Stabilized Finite Element Methods in Relaxed Micromagnetism
99-19 Carsten Carstensen, Bryan P. Rynne:
A posteriori error control for finite element approximations of the integral equation for thin wire antennas
99-20 Carsten Carstensen, Matthias Maischak, Ernst Peter Stephan:
A posteriori error estimate and h-adaptive algorithm on surfaces for Symm's integral equation
99-21 Detlef Müller, Zhenqiu Zhang:
Local solvability for positive combinations of generalized sub-Laplacians on the Heisenberg group
Dezember veröffentlicht
99-22 Kerstin Weinberg:
An Adaptive Finite Element Approach for a Mixed Reissner-Mindlin Plate Formulation
99-23 Andreas Baltz, Tomasz Schoen, Anand Srivastav:
Probabilistic Construction of Small Strongly Sum-Free Sets via Large Sidon Sets
Dezember veröffentlicht
99-24 Andreas Baltz, Tomasz Schoen:
The Structure of Maximum Subsets of {1,...,n} with no Solutions to a+b=kc
99-25 Tomasz Schoen:
On sets of natural numbers without solution to a noninvariant linear equation
99-26 Tomasz Luczak, Tomasz Schoen:
On the maximal density of sum-free sets
99-27 Tomasz Schoen:
The Cardinality of Restricted Sumsets
99-28 Benjamin Doerr:
Communication Complexity and the Protocol Partition Number
99-29 Geir Agnarsson, Benjamin Doerr, Tomasz Schoen:
Coloring t-dimensional m-Boxes
Dezember veröffentlicht
99-30 Uwe Rösler, Vladimir Valutin:
Convergence Conditions for Weighted Branching Processes

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