Berichtsreihe des Mathematischen Seminars

Berichte des Jahres 2000

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4, D-24098 Kiel


Bericht Autor(en), Titel Monat  
00-1 Carsten Carstensen:
Merging the Bramble-Pasciak-Steinbach and the Crouzeix-Thomee Criterion for H1-Stability of the L2-Projection onto Finite Element Spaces
Januar veröffentlicht
00-2 Martin Kruzik, Andreas Prohl:
Young measure approximation in micromagnetics
00-3 Carsten Carstensen, Kerstin Weinberg:
Calculating the Energy-Norm FEM-Error for Reissner-Mindlin Plates Without Known Reference Solution
00-4 Otmar Spinas:
Ramsey and Freeness Properties of Polish Planes
Februar veröffentlicht
00-5 Sören Bartels, Carsten Carstensen:
Each Averaging Technique Yields Reliable A Posteriori Error Control in FEM on Unstructured Grids. Part II: Higher Order FEM
00-6 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Averaging Technique for FE-A~Posteriori Error Control in Elasticity. Part II: $\lambda$-independent estimates
00-7 Carsten Carstensen, Kerstin Weinberg:
Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Method for Reißner-Mindlin Plate
00-8 Volkert Paulsen:
The geometric put
00-9 Volkert Paulsen:
The h-Transformation and its Application to Mathematical Finance
00-10 Volkert Paulsen:
On optimal stopping with smooth reward
00-11 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Averaging Technique for A Posteriori Error Control in Elasticity. Part III: Locking-free nonconforming FEM
00-12 Jörg Brendle, Otmar Spinas, Yi Zhang:
Uniformity of the meager ideal and maximal cofinitary groups
März veröffentlicht
00-13 Carsten Carstensen, Sören Bartels, Stefan Jansche:
A posteriori error estimates for nonconforming finite element methods
00-14 Penny J. Davies, Dugald B. Duncan, Stefan A. Funken:
Accurate and efficient algorithms for frequency domain scattering from a thin wire
00-15 Volkert Paulsen:
The American put on a stock index
00-16 Walter Bergweiler:
On the number of critical points in parabolic basins
Mai veröffentlicht
00-17 Steffen Börm:
Robust Multigrid for Maxwell's Equation
00-18 Armin Jöllenbeck, Christophe Reutenauer:
Eine Symmetrieeigenschaft von Solomons Algebra und der höheren Lie-Charaktere
Mai veröffentlicht
00-19 Carsten Carstensen:
Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimate for a Nonconforming Reissner-Mindlin Plate Finite Element
00-20 Otmar Spinas:
Canonical behaviour of Borel functions on superperfect rectangles
Juni veröffentlicht
00-21 Jochen Alberty, Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken, Roland Klose:
Matlab Implementation of the Finite Element Method in Elasticity
00-22 Carsten Carstensen, Birgit Faermann:
Mathematical Foundation of A Posteriori Error Estimates and Adaptive Mesh-Refining Algorithms for Boundary Integral Equations of the First Kind
00-23 Carsten Carstensen, Jochen Alberty:
Averaging techniques for reliable a posteriori FE-error control in elastoplasticity with hardening ?
00-24 Carsten Carstensen, Joachim Schöberl:
Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimate for a Mixed Reißner-Mindlin Plate Finite Element Method
00-25 Detlef Müller, Andreas Seeger:
Regularity properties of wave propagation on conic manifolds and applications to spectral multipliers
Oktober veröffentlicht
00-26 Dirk Gorges, Detlef Müller:
a.e. convergence of Bochner-Riesz means on the Heisenberg group and fractional integration on the dual
Oktober veröffentlicht
00-27 Benjamin Doerr:
Discrepancy in Different Numbers of Colors
Oktober veröffentlicht
00-28 Benjamin Doerr:
Vector Balancing Games with Aging
Oktober veröffentlicht
00-29 Benjamin Doerr:
Lattice Approximation and Linear Discrepancy of Totally Unimodular Matrices
Oktober veröffentlicht
00-30 Carsten Carstensen, Klaus Hackl, Alexander Mielke:
Nonconvex Potentials and Microstructures in Finite-Strain Plasticity
00-31 Detlef Müller, Zhenqiu Zhang:
A class of solvable non-homogeneous differential operators on the Heisenberg group
November veröffentlicht
00-32 Sven Jossen, Otmar Spinas:
A two-dimensional tree ideal
November veröffentlicht
00-33 Carsten Carstensen, Petr Plechac:
Numerical Analysis of a Relaxed Variational Model of Hysteresis in Two-Phase Solids
00-34 Detlef Müller, Fulvio Ricci:
Solvability of second-order left-invariant differential operators on the Heisenberg group satisfying a cone condition
Dezember veröffentlicht
00-35 Benjamin Doerr, Anand Srivastav:
Multi-Color Discrepancies
Dezember veröffentlicht
00-36 Tomasz Schoen:
The distribution of dense Sidon subsets of Zm
00-37 Tomasz Schoen:
The Number of (2,3)-Sum-Free Subsets of {1,...,n}
00-38 Tomasz Luczak, Tomasz Schoen:
On the Number of Maximal Sum-Free Sets
00-39 Vsevolod F. Lev, Tomasz Schoen:
Cameron-Erdös Modulo a Prime

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