07-9   Berichtsreihe des Mathematischen Seminars der Universität Kiel

Walter Bergweiler, Philip J. Rippon, Gwyneth M. Stallard:

Dynamics of meromorphic functions with direct or logarithmic singularities

We show that if a meromorphic function has a direct singularity over infinity, then the escaping set has an unbounded component and the intersection of the escaping set with the Julia set contains continua. This intersection has an unbounded component if and only if the function has no Baker wandering domains. We also give estimates of the Hausdorff dimension and the upper box dimension of the Julia set of a meromorphic function with a logarithmic singularity over infinity. The above theorems are deduced from more general results concerning functions which have "direct or logarithmic tracts", but which need not be meromorphic in the plane. These results are obtained by using a generalization of Wiman-Valiron theory. The method is also applied to complex differential equations.

Electronic Print: Front for the Mathematics ArXiv

Mathematics Subject Classification (1991): 7F10; 30D05; 30D20; 30D30; 34M05

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