Berichtsreihe des Mathematischen Seminars

Berichte des Jahres 1998

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4, D-24098 Kiel


Bericht Autor(en), Titel Monat  
98-1 Matthias K. Gobbert, Andreas Prohl:
A discontinuous Finite Element method for solving a multi-well problem
98-2 Andreas Prohl:
A first order projection-based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
98-3 Andreas Prohl:
A second order projection-based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
98-4 Ewa Damek, Andrzej Hulanicki, Marco M. Peloso, Detlef Müller:
Pluriharmonic H 2 functions on symmetric irreducible Siegel domains
Januar veröffentlicht
98-5 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Coupling of non-conform finite elements and boundary elements II: a posteriori estimates and adaptive mesh-refinement
Januar veröffentlicht
98-6 Ivan G. Graham, Wolfgang Hackbusch, Stefan A. Sauter:
Hybrid Galerkin Boundary Elements: Theory and Implementation
Januar veröffentlicht
98-7 Uwe Rösler:
A fixed point equation for distributions
98-8 Detlef Müller, Marco M. Peloso, Fulvio Ricci:
On local solvability for complex coefficient differential operators on the Heisenberg group
Februar veröffentlicht
98-9 Joachim H. Ahrens, Uwe Rösler:
Inequalities for Independent Bernoulli Trials
98-10 Jan H. Brandts:
Superconvergence of a Galerkin Boundary Element Method for the Single Layer Potential using Piecewise Polynomial Approximations
98-11 Jochen Alberty, Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Remarks around 50 lines of Matlab: Finite Element implementation
März veröffentlicht
98-12 Andreas Prohl:
An adaptive Finite Element method for solving a double well problem describing crystalline microstructure
98-13 Jochen Alberty, Carsten Carstensen, Darius Zarrabi:
Adaptive numerical analysis in primal elastoplasticity with hardening
März veröffentlicht
98-14 Stephan Pareigis:
Local defect correction methods for the Bellman equation
98-15 Matthias K. Gobbert, Andreas Prohl:
A survey of classical and new finite element methods for the computation of Crystalline Microstructure
98-16 Carsten Carstensen, Petr Plechac:
Numerical analysis of compatible phase transitions in elastic solids
April veröffentlicht
98-17 Andreas Prohl:
On the pollution effect of quasi-compressibility methods in magneto-hydrodynamics and reactive flows
98-18 Jochen Alberty, Carsten Carstensen:
Numerical Analysis of Time-depending Primal Elastoplasticity with Hardening
Juli veröffentlicht
98-19 Carsten Carstensen, Georg Dolzmann, Stefan A. Funken, Dörte S. Helm:
Locking-free adaptive mixed finite element methods in linear elasticity
Juli veröffentlicht
98-20 Walter Bergweiler, Alexandre Eremenko:
Entire functions of slow growth whose Julia set coincides with the plane
August veröffentlicht
98-21 Hermann König:
On the best constants in the Khintchine inequality for variables on spheres
98-22 Carsten Schütt, Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann:
Projection constants of symmetric spaces and variants of Khintchine's inequality
98-23 Hermann König, Mathieu Meyer, Alain Pajor:
The isotropy constants of the Schatten classes are bounded
98-24 Walter Bergweiler:
A new proof of the Ahlfors five islands theorem
September veröffentlicht
98-25 Carsten Carstensen, Stefan A. Funken:
Coupling of mixed finite elements and boundary elements
September veröffentlicht
98-26 Dietrich Braess, Maximilian Dryja, Wolfgang Hackbusch:
A Multigrid Method for Nonconforming FE-Discretisations with Application to Non-Matching Grids
Oktober veröffentlicht
98-27 Wolfgang Hackbusch:
A Sparse Matrix Arithmetic based on H-Matrices. Part I: Introduction to H-Matrices
Oktober veröffentlicht
98-28 Walter Bergweiler:
Normality and exceptional values of derivatives
Dezember veröffentlicht
98-29 Manfred Schocker:
Über Graphen mit vorgegebenen Valenzen
Dezember veröffentlicht
98-30 Armin Jöllenbeck, Manfred Schocker:
Cyclic characters of symmetric groups
Dezember veröffentlicht
98-31 Andreas Prohl:
Multiscale resolution in the computation of crystalline microstructure
98-32 Andreas Prohl:
Error analysis for the computation of microstructure in cubic ferromagnets
98-33 Andreas Prohl:
Error analysis for the computation of microstructure in uniaxial ferromagnets
98-34 Benjamin Doerr:
Linear and hereditary discrepancy
Dezember veröffentlicht
98-35 Tomasz Schoen:
The number of monochromatic Schur triples
98-36 Tomasz Schoen:
On the density of sets containing no three distinct numbers with all their sums
98-37 Anand Srivastav, Peter Stangier:
On complexity, representation and approximation of integral multicommodity flows
98-38 Tomasz Schoen:
A note on the number of (k,l) sum-free sets
98-39 Harry Preuß, Anand Srivastav:
Blockwise variable orderings for shared BDDs
98-40 Tomasz Schoen:
On sets of natural numbers whose sumset is free of squares
98-41 Anand Srivastav, Katja Wolf:
An approximation algorithm for maximum dispersion based on linear programming
98-42 Benjamin Doerr, Anand Srivastav, P. Wehr:
Discrepancy of cartesian products of arithmetic progressions
Dezember veröffentlicht

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