Berichtsreihe des Mathematischen Seminars

Berichte des Jahres 2007

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4, D-24098 Kiel


Bericht Autor(en), Titel Monat  
07-1 Yongsheng Han, Detlef Müller, Dachun Yang:
Littlewood-Paley Characterizations for Hardy Spaces
07-2 Yongsheng Han, Detlef Müller, Dachun Yang:
Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces on Metric Measure Spaces Modeled on Carnot-Caratheodory Spaces
07-3 Christopher Meaney, Detlef Müller, Elena Prestini:
A.e. convergence of spectral sums on Lie groups
Januar veröffentlicht
07-4 Michael Gnewuch:
Bracketing numbers for axis-parallel boxes and applications to geometric discrepancy
Januar veröffentlicht
07-5 Michael Gnewuch, Henryk Wozniakowski:
Generalized Tractability for Linear Functionals
Januar veröffentlicht
07-6 Helmut Harbrecht:
A Newton method for Bernoulli's free boundary problem in three dimensions
07-7 Malte Braack:
A stabilized finite element scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations on anisotropic meshes
07-8 Malte Braack:
Optimal control in fluid mechanics by finite elements with symmetric stabilization
07-9 Walter Bergweiler, Philip J. Rippon, Gwyneth M. Stallard:
Dynamics of meromorphic functions with direct or logarithmic singularities
07-10 Dieter Blessenohl:
On the Theorem of Poincaré, Birkhoff and Witt
07-11 Maharavo Randrianarivony:
A survey on global continuity in geometric processing of CAD objects for the Wavelet-Galerkin scheme
07-12 Otmar Spinas:
Perfect Set Theorems
Juli veröffentlicht
07-13 Helmut Harbrecht, Reinhold Schneider, Christoph Schwab:
Multilevel frames for sparse tensor product spaces
07-14 Michael Gnewuch:
Construction of Minimal Bracketing Covers for Rectangles
September veröffentlicht
07-15 Walter Bergweiler:
An entire function with simply and multiply connected wandering domains
07-16 Walter Bergweiler:
Newton's method and Baker domains
07-17 Ira Neitzel, Uwe Prüfert, Thomas Slawig:
Strategies for time-dependent PDE control using an integrated modeling and simulation environment. Part one: problems without inequality constraints
07-18 Helmut Harbrecht, Maharavo Randrianarivony:
From Computer Aided Design till Wavelet BEM
07-19 Michael Gnewuch, Henryk Wozniakowski:
Generalized Tractability for Multivariate Problems, Part II: Linear Tensor Product Problems, Linear Information, and Unrestricted Tractability
Oktober veröffentlicht
07-20 Maharavo Randrianarivony:
Preparation of molecular surfaces for meshfree Wavelet Galerkin numerical solvers
07-21 Dieter Blessenohl:
An Unpublished Theorem of Manfred Schocker and the Patras-Reutenauer Algebra
07-22 Otmar Spinas:
Finite powers of Laver forcing are proper

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